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  • Wes Duncan

Lola Marsh Releases 'Shot Shot Cherry' New Album and Video

Lola Marsh

Israeli indie-pop band Lola Marsh leans into the uncertainty of the pandemic with their new video, 'Shot Shot Cherry', the lead single from their latest album Shot Shot Cherry.

Beginning with their debut EP, You're Mine, in 2016, Lola Marsh's meteoric rise has been an impressive one. Since then, the acclaimed duo released their first two albums, Remember Roses and Someday Tomorrow Maybe, and their music appeared in Criminal, Better Call Saul, and Purple Hearts.

Their new album dives deeper into the magnetic indie-pop sound fans have come to love while experimenting with dance elements and retro-inspired soundscapes. The focus track, 'Shot Shot Cherry', was inspired by difficulties the duo faced after cutting their European tour short during the pandemic.

Lola Marsh explains, “‘Shot Shot Cherry’ was written in a time of global uncertainty. In the middle of our European tour, we had to stop everything and return home because of the covid outbreak. We were feeling depressed, helpless and, like the rest of the world, all we could do was wait. So we wrote this song, and it was like the lyrics wrote themselves.”

The release is accompanied by a cinematic music video directed by A.T. Mann, filmed at Ramon Intl Airport, one of the buildings he designed.

Connect with Lola Marsh on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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