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London Based Riser LEDI Shines On New Single 'Lie'

LEDI, originally from Indonesia and now based in London, showcases her prowess in R&B, blues, and soul with the latest single, "Lie." Returning with a compelling live video, the singer-songwriter demonstrates her exceptional vocal range in style.

"Lie," a blues ballad celebrated for its comforting yet empowering essence, seamlessly weaves together influences from R&B, soul, jazz, gospel, and contemporary pop. Collaborating with the renowned producer Irfan Chasmala, known for his work with Indonesian artists like Once Mekel and Krisdayanti, the single features a rich musical backdrop of swaying drums, twinkling keys, and grounding bass.

LEDI's velvety, emotive vocals take center stage, delivering a performance that captivates listeners. As the track progresses, it builds to a euphoric crescendo in the latter third, marked by a key change and LEDI's vocals soaring above a gospel-inspired chorus of harmonies.

The narrative behind "Lie" adds a poignant layer to the song, drawing from LEDI's personal experience of betrayal and heartbreak. The lyrics trace her emotional journey from sorrow and anger to realization, confidence, and acceptance. The song concludes with a powerful sense of letting go and embarking on a path to healing and independence.

Despite its origins as a hastily completed university assignment, "Lie" has transformed into a compelling release, thanks to Irfan and the collaborative efforts of the entire team. Recorded at prestigious studios such as Abbey Road and Angel Studios, LEDI's success is further underscored by her history of well-attended shows in London and her notable presence in the a cappella world.

LEDI's accolades, including awards for "Best Vocal Group" and "Outstanding Vocalist," underscore her national recognition. Committed to showcasing Indonesian talent on the global stage, LEDI serves as a cultural bridge through her melodies. Her journey, marked by performances at prestigious festivals and her role as a host and singer at Indonesian events in the UK, invites listeners to join her in savoring the richness of each melody. LEDI stands as an artist poised for international acclaim, and "Lie" stands as a testament to her exceptional talent and resilience.

Listen below:



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