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London's Lautier Blend Soul, Jazz & Indie on "It's Not The Same"

Lautier's latest offering, "It's Not The Same," glides onto the scene as a refreshing breeze, solidifying their status as a captivating force in the South-London music landscape. The four-piece ensemble skillfully fuses elements of nu-soul and indie, crafting a sonic journey that is both nostalgically soulful and exuberantly modern.

The track serves as a testament to Lautier's insatiable musical curiosity, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences. Their crate-digging adventures, traversing the realms of 60’s Brazilian tropicalia to contemporary grooves, have culminated in a distinct musical identity that pushes creative boundaries.

In "It's Not The Same," this musical evolution takes center stage. With a foundation anchored in jazz-infused chord structures, the song blooms with an array of colors. Glistening guitar tones intertwine with an ever-active bassline, while subtle synth accents and gracefully swaying drums create a rhythmic tapestry that's both intricate and inviting.

Front and center are the lead vocals, exuding a silky smoothness that wraps around you like a warm embrace. Harmonies weave through the arrangement, adding layers of depth and emotion. But what truly elevates the track is its infectious melody—a hook that latches onto your mind and refuses to let go. This melodic prowess is complemented by lyrics that delve into the universal theme of comparing past loves with new encounters. The contemplative narrative strikes a chord, resonating with anyone who's wondered if lightning can strike twice in matters of the heart.

Lautier's ability to seamlessly blend their tropicana influences with indie sensibilities is nothing short of remarkable. The track dances between genres, capturing the vivacious energy of their inspirations while maintaining an indie charm that's accessible and inviting. "It's Not The Same" stands as a testament to their musical finesse, showcasing a level of artistry that commands attention.

Having already earned accolades from the likes of Radio X and BBC Introducing, Lautier's trajectory seems destined for greater heights. With a knack for crafting meticulously structured songs that defy genre constraints, the band has found a unique sonic territory that they can truly call their own. Their collaboration with producers Scott Knapper and Tim Bazell underscores their commitment to sonic excellence, resulting in a genre-bending sound that's not only praiseworthy but deserving of the fervor surrounding their music.

In the end, "It's Not The Same" is a harmonious convergence of soul, indie, and an earnest exploration of human emotions. Lautier's journey into the heart of musical fusion continues to be a captivating one, and their latest single is a shining example of their artistic evolution. As they remain a fixture in London's live scene, it's clear that Lautier's sonic expedition is one worth following closely.

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