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Los Angeles based icon YESLA reveals her strongest single to date, ‘If You Dare’

Imagine Jack White and The Black Keys created a raucous sound filled with energy and elevation, and you'll picture the sound of YESLA. Receiving praise from the likes of CLOUT, Amor Magazine, Fame Magazine and New Noise Magazine to name a few, 'If You Dare' is certainly turning heads and leaving listeners head-banging to its powerful arrangement. Made in the comfort of YESLA's home studio in Burbank, CA with her close friend and producer JHNY WZDM, the new single feels like an instant classic.

Sharing her thoughts on the latest anthem YESLA states, “If You Dare is the misfit anthem. A battle cry of the wallflower. This is for the person who is constantly held back by a pressure to fit a societal “Norm”. For as long as I can remember, people have wanted me to be something I’m not or would burden me with ideas of who they think I should be. I wrote this song as an ode to finally realizing my full potential, getting out of my own way & owning my authentic self.”



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