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‘Love, Becca’ Drops Brand-New Track ‘you don’t know me’.

Mexican American Artist ‘love, becca’ has dropped a brand-new energetic track called ‘You Don’t Know Me’.

The Bedroom Pop artist is back with her new offering ‘you don’t know me’. The track is packed full of energy and happy vibes which will make anyone want to dance.

‘You don’t know me’ see’s Love, Becca team up with notable producer Prod. Fantom as she opens up with pure emotion about a toxic relationship.

“you don't know me" is a song about a toxic relationship between a girl that's very independent and free spirited and a guy who is controlling and possessive. I wrote the song based on my friend who was going through the situation,” Explains love, becca.

When talking about the moment that she was inspired to write this track she said “I was hanging out with my friend one day and her phone just keeps blowing up by her boyfriend. He keeps telling her to come home even though at this point we were only out for about an hour. They start arguing back and forth until she starts crying. It inspired me to write a song about her situation but from my point of view.”

Although still incredibly young, her impressive career to date has seen an abundance of praise. If you enjoy bedroom pop, lofi, indie pop then you will definitely enjoy Becca's music.

'you don't know me' is available to stream worldwide now



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