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Love Ghost joins Cinnamon Babe for the anthemic 'Do You Like Me Now?'

Throughout this past year, Love Ghost has stood as one of the more eclectic and diverse artists on the scene. Regularly collaborating with a diverse mix of fellow up-and-comers, he is now venturing towards the more anthemic side to his sound as he joins Cinnamon Babe for the thunderous new single 'Do You Like Me Now?'

Adopting a frenzied alt-rock energy for his newest offering, both Love Ghost and Cinnamon Babe harness their anger on this blistering new jam. Mixing killer riffs with some brilliantly impactful vocals from beginning to end, 'Do You Like Me Now?' sees both artists in one of their most ferocious guises yet.

It is hardly surprising given the sheer volume of his output in recent months, but Love Ghost is proving just as powerful as ever here. Creating a wildly fun and enjoyable aesthetic from start to finish, may his glorious ascent last well into the future as well.



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