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Love Ghost links up with Dan Garcia on anthemic new single 'Glock'

As an artist that never seems to stay in the same place for too long, LA's Love Ghost has quickly earned a reputation as one of the more chameleonic names doing the rounds today. And just when we think we have him all figured out, he switches up on us again as he drops his anthemic new single 'Glock'.

Linking up with the progressive Mexican rapper Dan Garcia for his newest outing, this new effort is another killer track from someone who seems completely unstoppable right now. Blending more of that riveting hip-hop and rock aesthetic he likes to pull together, 'Glock' is a short yet sharp return that really packs a punch throughout.

Throughout the last few months, Love Ghost has been an extremely prolific figure. With dozens of offerings all landing in the last year or so, 'Glock' is yet another shining example of why so many have been following his journey in recent months.

Enjoy 'Glock' below.



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