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Luc as Rich releases heartbreak single 'Fools Gold'

Luc as Rich is a one man band, which is why this new offering is so incredible.

Dutch producer and vocalist Lucas has showcased his musical talent in his latest offering 'Fools Gold.' The track features an infectious vocal melody paired with a stripped-back but impactful electronic canvas that ebbs and flows between his powerful vocal tone. With the entire track being produced by him, it's clear to see the hours spent refining his craft.

''I don't need money to feel rich, being able to be honest to myself and process past events through music is the best form of wealth to me,” he tells us. 'With the project Luc as Rich I try to create a world to express myself. In terms of production and lyrics I'm very inspired by the emotion of fairy tales.'' It's also apparent that he showcases an equally good audiovisual show. A self made artist supported by self made visuals and live djing. ''I want every performance to be a fairy tale itself where I hope to charm the crowd with my music and visuals.''

Speaking to us about the release, Lucas said: “The moment I realised I wasted a lot of love on a girl that didn't love me anymore, I figured out she appeared to be my Fool's gold, which resulted in this song.”

It’s safe to say that Luc as Rich hasn’t had an easy ride, with depression and anxiety in high school causing him to drop out. However, it’s also safe to say this hasn’t deterred him from success. With a desire to learn and progress even further, we're excited to see the young artist develop.



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