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Luchi releases the passionate single ‘Mountain’

The Glasgow born and based artist Luchi has garnered a range of acclaim across the course of his career. In 2017, his debut single ‘Don’t Look Back’ cracked the top 10 of the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Charts, shortly followed by his third single ‘Coming Home’ making it to No. 2. Since then, 12 more single from the artist have made it to the top 10. Luchi’s songwriting talents have been lent to a range of artists, whilst also achieving regional status at the UK Unsigned Songwriter of the Year 2016 and become a semi finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest.

Now Luchi returns with new single ‘Mountain’. Speaking to the difficulty of getting back on your feet, the track is as emotional and poignant as we’ve come to expect from the artist. Passionate songwriting pulls you into the story, with lush and expansive instrumentation further bewitching you into the world it creates. Twinkling piano melodies, angelic vocal harmonies and expressive string arrangements are driven by cinematic drums that fire off into the soundscape. Luchi is once again proving he is a songwriter of the highest calibre.

Luchi shares,“Mountain is a really special song to me, It was one of those songs that just poured out of me and was written within 10 minutes. I wrote this song at 3am, by my keyboard, after a conversation with someone close to me that struggles with addiction issues. I was trying to convince them to get help but they said they just weren’t ready and didn’t have the strength to do it yet. It can be tough when someone you care deeply about is hurting but sometimes they just can’t see you in the light because they are surrounded by their own darkness.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about the specifics as it’s not my story to tell but I think this song can relate to anyone who has a big challenge ahead and with the blessing of the person who the song was inspired by, we agreed that this song should have a place in the world and hope it can help others not feel so alone. I have felt this way before with my own mental health journey and when you are lost in the darkness, it can be really tough to face up to your demons. It takes a lot of courage and strength to take on the fight and sometimes you have to take a moment to gather yourself before you can start.

I hope that anyone who is struggling with addiction or mental illness hears this song and knows that even though the mountain seems steep and just getting up off the floor can feel like the hardest thing to do, you have got the strength inside of you to face it. If you need to rest then take a moment to build up your resilience but don’t set up home in the darkness, when you are ready, raise your head and take the first step into the life you deserve. The climb won’t be easy but every day, every step you will start to recover and find yourself again.”



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