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Lucia releases irresistible new single “Feel Alive”

We’re only in January, but Lucia is quickly becoming an artist to watch. Her latest single “Feel Alive” is set to develop her musical career even further, and to take her to new heights. With a new, energetic take on House, her music is reaching and being appreciated by lovers of all music globally.

“Feel Alive” is an infectious track that will be sure to get you up and dancing. Pounding drums and heartwarming synths create the perfect foundations for vibrant and heartfelt lyrics to be painted on top of. Her vocals are drenched in pop sensibilities and come as anthemic as they are emotional. One thing is for sure, the track is a club-filling anthem and one fantastic way to kick off 2023. Accompanying is an equally powerful music video.

Speaking about her musical progression and aims for the single, Lucia says: “I really wanted to take things up a notch with this release both with the production of the track and visually and come up with something much more commercial sounding. I’ve been working with Rich Pilkington who has produced the track and he’s helped to do that. I love the current dance pop sound and I feel we’ve managed to achieve something on that level. My previous releases have always been quite deep and personal. I felt I wanted to create something a little more fun and provocative with the lyrics and visuals for the track. I grew up listening to 90’s pop and watching the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and deep down have always wanted to explore that more sexy side of my music and style.”

Having already built a loyal following amongst the LGBT community with her back catalogue of catchy and uplifting dance-pop tracks, Lucia is now setting to take the music scene by storm. Whether performing a flamboyant show with a full band, strutting it out with her sugar-sweet vocals along to backing tracks or keeping things more intimate with an acoustic set, Lucia is sure to leave a lasting impression. An exceptional performer with an abundance of experience, she is about to take her career to new heights.



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