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Lucy Park releases the smooth new single ‘All Roads’

Lucy Park started her singer-songwriter journey in 2018. Based across LA and London, she evolved from guitar covers in her college dorm to developing a timeless and unique signature sound that is seeing her become a highly lauded rising star. Her debut track ‘Rain’ was released in August 2020 and her 2023 run of singles has impressed tastemakers with a refreshed sound, building even more excitement around her name.

The latest from Lucy Park is alluring new single ‘All Roads’. A complex acoustic guitar starts us off, with the track melting into a groovy, laid-back and enticing single. A warm, dynamic bass is backed up with floating and bouncy percussion that hits just hard enough to get your body moving. The main event is of course, Lucy’s vocal performance, with her smooth voice taking you through a story of two strangers flirting at a diner, and the feeling of being enamoured by a forbidden summer crush.

She shares, "The song is sort of a dance back and forth between them. It’s about building up a romance in your head while you are still strangers in real life. This is a really new sound for me and I’m so excited for people to hear it!”

With all the confidence in the world, Lucy adds in gorgeous harmonies and relatable lyrics, with colourful melodies showing her as an exciting new talent.

Lucy states, “I wanted the song to feel like a summer night out in London. It was exactly how I was feeling that day in the studio, so the writing happened so quickly that I finished it in a few hours!”



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