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Lukx keeps the vibes high on his latest single 'Breathing'

Over the last few months, we have watched as Belgian/Swedish artist Lukx moves from a progressive hip-hop artist to a bright and infectious disco-inspired name on the rise. Teaming up once again with producer Dad (his real life father), he is looking to keep those infectious vibes high on his latest single 'Breathing'.

Following on from the funk-infused influences behind his previous outing 'Rotation', his latest offering is another shining example of his adventurous sound these last few months. Flowing with a wonderfully fun and upbeat groove that perfectly compliments his driven vocal style throughout, 'Breathing' is a strong and confident return from an artist brimming with promise right now.

While this past year has certainly been a great time of innovation and self-discovery, 'Breathing' shows that there is still plenty of inventive aesthetics left in him. Rarely faltering or finding a moment of doubt, Lukx is quickly cementing himself as one of the more exciting names on the rise today.

Enjoy 'Breathing' below.



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