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Luna Keller collaborates with Clouds And Thorns on the euphoric 'Live It All'

Over these last few years, we have watched as German singer-songwriter Luna Keller has grown from an humbled acoustic-led artist into one of the more jubilant names doing the rounds. And with a wealth of bright and anthemic gems under her belt already this year, following up last year's LP 'Prophecies And Silver Linings', she is back to her best on the euphoric new single 'Live It All'.

Teaming up with US artist Clouds And Thorns for her newest outing, both of them feel like they were having the time of their lives writing and recording this one. With such a bright and shimmering approach to its songwriting, permeated with some soaring vocal performances throughout, 'Live It All' stands as one of her most impactful releases to date.

While these kind of uplifting efforts have always been a staple of her repertoire to date, 'Live It All' feels like something far more engaging from beginning to end. Brimming with such a jovial and emotive direction at every turn, Luna Keller is someone we could never get bored of listening to.

Enjoy 'Live It All' below.


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