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Luxury Goods drop new single "Again"

Sheffield-based Luxury Goods have showcased their incredible musicianship once again. The band are in a lane of their own, offering a mix of synth ambience, catchy guitars and a strong drum backbone. This in turn has created a sound only they can replicate and "Again" is no different. Emotionally penned lyrics are in abundance, and as always and Leonie's delivery of them is top notch.

Speaking to us about the release, Leonie says: "'Again' is wholeheartedly about periods. It's the first song I've ever written and released that is purely about the relationship with my own body, rather than about my relationships with other people. The main inspiration came from the fact that a lot of my friends often pointed out my love for talking about periods, and they were right!

I think it's still a major taboo topic, there is a lot of misunderstanding, and there is a lot we can all learn about the hormonal cycle and how it impacts the bodies and minds of people with periods. I'm still learning every day, which is why I love talking about it and why I decided to write a song about it.

Everyone's experiences are different and it's really eye-opening when you push yourself to be open about periods and have honest conversations. The writing and recording process was super fun, especially because I got to share something so personal to me with the band. Steel City Studio, where we recorded the track with Callum Benson, was also a great place to further develop the song and play around with sound effects and harmonies.

Building on these successes, with support from HMUK’s Do It Differently Fund and recorded at Steel City Studio, Luxury Goods are getting ready to release their debut EP and we cannot wait for it.



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