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  • FLEX Staff

Mackenzie Day Is Serving Musical Vulnerability With Her Emotionally-Charged Track “Fake It”

At just Twenty-year-old Mackenzie Day is serving musical and lyrical maturity with her emotionally-charged track “Fake It”.

The pop ballad draws on Mackenzie’s inspirations with hints of artists ranging from Amy Whinehouse to Ashe and Maggie Rogers. “Fake It” is a raw statement from Makenzie expressing her inner-most vulnerabilities and sharing them for others to connect with.

Mackenzie’s vocals flow effortlessly between whimsical, warm vocal melodies and soft vibrato seemingly representative of both her personal and human fragility. The track’s perfect simplicity creates an air of emptiness, reflective of the emotions of grief and loss with delicate piano melodies, somber string completing the soundscape. The introduction of heavy, distorted beats brings a depth to the track which is balanced by percussive beats keeping true to the tracks cumbersome downtempo vibes.

Makenzie went into detail about the track, “Fake It is about the reality of the awful aftermath of a very uncomfortable breakup. I had to keep working with this person that mentally scared my psyche. You tell yourself to suck it up and pretend everything is ok, but there comes a point where you can't anymore. The entire song is about that breaking point, and that realization that you can't keep pretending that everything is ok.”

With such an honest and vulnerable track already out of the gates, we can’t wait to see what’s next from the youngster.



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