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Mackenzie Day shines on new punchy track ‘Madeline’

Calling out toxic behaviour, Mackenzie Day’s ‘Madeline’ is inspiring, catchy and feel-good. Filled with buoyant pop melodies, and led by Mackenzie’s self-assured tone, the single is a glorious addition to the young artist’s existing catalogue.

The Berklee College of Music student showcases her skill for personal, anecdotal songwriting, letting listeners into her own world of thoughts, feelings and experiences. ‘Madeline’ centres around moving on from a friendship that is no longer serving you, an important message that we all need to be reminded of sometimes.

Mackenzie states: “I wrote this song over the summer when I realised my highschool friends were not the people for me anymore. After much growth within myself and my worth I came to discover friendships can also be toxic. Rupi Kaur has this quote, “abuse doesn’t just happen in romantic relationships, abuse can live in friendships too”... ‘Madeline’ was an honest realisation with myself and finally letting go of those friends.”

Mackenzie’s wisdom goes beyond her years, and places her as an authentic artist to watch out for. Taking influence from artists like Miley Cyrus, Amy Whinehouse, Ashe and Maggie Rogers, Day mixes these raw, gritty sounds with more upbeat, light tones to make something that is super attention-grabbing. Be sure to keep Mackenzie Day on your radar, or you might just end up regretting it when she makes it to the big time.



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