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Maddie Ashman releases emotionally-penned new single “I'd Rather Fall”

Maddie Ashman’s unique and signature sound has been lauded by fans and tastemakers alike. Maddie aims to bring new, unexpected elements to her audience. With huge tastemaker support and a growing fanbase, 2023 really is shaping up to be her year.

Her latest offering comes in the form of single “I’d Rather Fall.” With ethereal instrumentation and heartwarming vocal lines, the track will pick you up and leave you wanting more. “I’d Rather Fall” perfectly showcases Ashman’s sound.

Speaking about the meaning behind the release, Maddie says I'd Rather Fall is about inevitably falling in love when you hadn't planned to, it's about the simultaneous thrill and terror of letting go and running with your feelings. Although the lyrics are personal, it feels like such a universal experience, and I wanted to capture this in the song. I wrote the song on cello, initially imagining it would be simple and acoustic... but as always, Nathan Cox (producer) and I ended up with hundreds of audio tracks, incorporating rubber bridge guitar, dense vocal multi-tracking, synths and drums, which really bring the narrative to life.

Maddie Ashman will reach the top. We’re sure of it.



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