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Madjo breathes new life into recent single 'Women' with collection of remixes

Swiss-Senegalese artist Madjo's latest single, 'Women', unveils a powerful preview of her upcoming album 'Rebellion'. Inspired by Maya Angelou's 'Letter to My Daughter', the song honors women, their diverse lineages, differences, and legacies.

In anticipation of the album, Madjo has now released an EP of 'Women' remixes, featuring collaborations with artists like VAPA, Superjava, and La Fine Equipe. These remixes offer fresh interpretations, spanning electronic beats, genre-blending sounds, and dancefloor-oriented vibes.

Madjo's empowering anthem, 'Women', accompanied by its remixes, serves as a testament to the collective strength, diversity, and interconnectedness of women. This musical offering illuminates a spirit of unity, with the forthcoming album 'Rebellion' promising a transformative sonic journey. Madjo continues to captivate audiences, leaving them eager to embrace her evolving artistry and embark on a profound musical experience.

Listen to the remixes below:

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