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Magdalia offers up the pulsing new single 'Tunnel Vision'

Ever since Melbourne-based artist Magdalia released her breakthrough debut single 'Shy To Shine' in 2021, she has sat as one of the more interesting names emerging on the new music scene. Blending a heady mix of electro-pop and alt-pop sensibilities with her own atmospheric vocals across a run of releases since, she has now returned to deliver the pulsing new outing 'Tunnel Vision'.

Matching the same broad and immersive aura she shows on last year's 'Great Expectations', 'Tunnel Vision' marks itself as one of her more intense offerings to date. With her shimmering vocal performance riding a glittering electronic base throughout this new delight, it feels like another bold step forward for her riveting musical evolution to date.

Despite only a handful of cuts to her name so far in recent years, 'Tunnel Vision' is yet another wildly diverse and interesting exploration of her adventurous sound so far. Forever finding new and fascinating ideas in which to pursue, Magdalia is once again reaching for something truly unique on her newest stunner.

Enjoy 'Tunnel Vision' below.



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