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Maha Jeffery reveals new ballad 'Daisy'

Cementing himself as the most distinguishable voice in the Malaysian music scene, Maha’s Jeffery's new offering ‘Daisy’ certainly lives up to expectations.

Speaking about the enchanting new release ‘Daisy’, Maha had this to say, “Daisy is about finding solace in grief. It's about seeking comfort in the loss of a loved one through the memories you had with them. I wrote this song for my girlfriend whose grandfather had recently passed at the time. It was never intended to be for me. It wasn't until my own grandfather passed when I realised that maybe it was meant for me as well.”

Armed with an uplifting, nostalgic approach, the track feels like you’ve gone through the five stages of grief and are now in the acceptance phase. Entirely reassuring and relatable, this could be in the running for rock record of the year. Adding to how the track was created, Maha shares, “My girlfriend asked me to write a song for her about grief to help her cope with her loss. I always write my songs acoustically first because I am in the firm belief that if a song sounds good stripped down, it's a good song."



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