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Makaveligodd unveils his ferocious hip-hop single '12'

Internet sensation Makaveligodd's identity is totally unknown, however this hasn't stopped the rising star from gaining a large fanbase and his highest played song to date 'Harakiri' accumulating over 6 millions plays on Spotify alone.

The multi-faceted rapper boasts of 'levelling the playing field', producing a neutral and equal space for people from all backgrounds to enjoy and benefit from which is also reinforced by his imprint and co-collaborators Trash Gang.

He has consistently released material throughout 2022 with his new single '12' serving up a cut-throat and captivating offering from the ever-on-point artist. Eerie melodies, haunting expressions and a booming bassline fuse together for an ultimate listening experience, whilst MakaveliGodd's trademark flow bounces around this highly-anticipated single flawlessly.

Check out Makaveligodd's single '12'


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