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Malik English releases powerful new single 'Muse'

1 minute 50 seconds doesn't sound long, however it's a long time if you can pack as much energy as Malik English does on his latest release 'Muse.' Dynamic, rhythmic and infectious, Malik paints a poignant picture through his raw delivery and well-penned lyrics that tackle the topic of dealing with relationship issues. Malik English is a 22-year old Trinidadian/Nigerian/Canadian artist/producer from Brooklyn, NY. Growing up surrounded by different cultures he never gravitated towards any one style of music hence his unique and signature sound.

Elaborating on this, he says: "The record is about processing a failed relationship through vices. Whether that’s drugs, sex, or money and trying to find beauty in these things. A lot of the times my lowest points become the muse for my work. I’m showing what going through these iniquities to hold on to a sense of self looks like. I also wanted ‘Muse’ to be my ode to NYC, mixing my love for R&B music with Brooklyn Drill energy to make something refreshing & fun for the city.”

As a young a black creative he feels as if it’s mission to create freely uninhibited by any preconceived notions of what artists that look like him should do. His goal is to make the world smaller through music and create spaces where people can rage and have fun. With big things in store, Malik English is headed straight for the top.

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