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Mark Westberg is back with a new single 'Galaxy Disco'

Not that the artist is trying to give you a lesson, but If you can learn anything at all from Mark Westberg’s amazing music is that being a successful young artist on the rise is not about chasing trends. It is really all about staying true to yourself, no matter what. Galaxy Disco feels like a fantastic testament from this talented gender-fluid musician, and his desire to tell his stories through some amazing songs.

His sound is energetic and edgy, but there is also a melodic element to it, a natural drive to be creative, to stand out and to set the bar higher in the way of self-expression. Galaxy Disco has a song structure that swiftly captures the unique mood of the artist’s approach to composition and song-craft, while also bringing new ideas into the fold. If it wasn’t enough, the sound is nothing short of world-class here, with plenty of clarity and detail to highlight all of the perks of the artist’s one-of-a-kind vision and style.

If you do enjoy modern punk music, or even other sub-genres of the greater family tree of folk, this one’s for you. Check out 'Galaxy Disco' below!

Visit Mark Westberg’s official website right here for all the info:



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