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Matilda Bond releases empowering single 'Charm'

Originally from Stockholm but now residing in Brighton, it's clear to see how these two cities have shaped Matilda Bond's music. These two creative hubs have given Matilda all the right inspirations for shaping and creating her unique sound. With a nod to jazz and neo-soul, her musical influences are glued together by her empowering and melodic vocal lines. Spotify’s Jazz UK, Spotify’s Best of Jazz UK 2021, Triple J Radio, BBC Introducing and Soho Radio are some of the tastemakers that have been following her journey.

'Charm' is a fantastic example of her unique offering. Groovy drums penetrate the mix as heartwarming synths are layered on top. Her vocals are raw, emotional and paint a clear picture of her lyrics, making her vocals the heart of her unique sound. The track presents an infectious chorus, but also showcases more timid, stripped back moments enticing the listener in further.

Speaking to us about the release she tells us:

“As intimate and as vulnerable as it is, ‘Charm’ is a love letter to my partner.

The song speaks to the progression of our relationship; beginning with the intrigue of someone whose eyes are “hard to read”, a closed book, to wanting to know them completely, to learning them inside and out and to seeing them in their most vulnerable moments.

‘Charm’ places a focus on their “blue eyes” because they’ve always been something that I’ve felt very drawn to; as our relationship progressed, I learned that they show all of their emotion through their eyes. This song was written in a time when they were struggling mentally, when it wasn’t always easy for them to express themselves, and reading their eyes became a passageway for understanding their feelings and that was a large inspiration for ‘Charm’.

The repetitive and simple nature of the lyrics come to represent the ease and constancy of our relationship; never wavering.

Charm is a personal moment for me because it’s not about myself, but my love for the closest person to me."

With no need to stay within one genre, it’s great to see that Matilda is creating something unique and we can’t wait to hear more.



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