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Matilda Bond releases warm new single "Long Lost"

Matilda Bond are a genre-bending collective that hail from Brighton. Merging elements of Jazz, Soul and Alternative together, the collective aims to immerse and engage listeners with their charming sound. Their previous releases have seen the musical collective gather a loyal and dedicated fanbase.

Their latest single "Long Lost" fully showcases their unique sound. Featuring jazz-esc drum beats, warmly-penned guitar lines and angelic vocals, the single is a charming offering. Matilda Bond don't just release music, but try to create a musical experience for listener and this is apparent on "Long Lost."

Speaking about the track, they say: “A while ago, I fell completely out of love with music for the first time in my life. It was the strangest feeling because it has always been the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. All the pressure and work surrounding music had drained my passion and suddenly I felt numb. I was in a loop of endless comparison, doubting myself and focusing on how small my voice felt in this busy industry. Losing touch with my lifelong love felt lonely, disorientating and left me without an outlet for my emotions.

“‘Long Lost’ is an ode to music. It was written on my living room floor in an emotional outpouring as a desperate measure to find back my passion. With some open chords and a bit of luck, it came as the most natural song and exposed all of my vulnerability in the most cathartic way.

“‘Long Lost’ was never written with the intention of it ever being heard, but its honesty and rawness felt like something worth sharing.”

They are one to watch out for. We cannot wait to see where they take this.


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