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Max Rad's new EP 'Point Me In The Right Direction' is something special.

Max Rad is no stranger to Electronica-soaked Indie & Pop sounds and his new EP 'Point Me In The Direction' is another absolute winner.

The EP sees Max refine his sound beautifully, with masterfully produced tracks that will resonate deeply with his listeners and far beyond. Max's versatility is as apparent as ever with questioning lyrics and catchy hooks that are guaranteed to be on heavy rotation.

Opening up about the title, and final, track, Max reveals: “‘Point Me In The Right Direction’ is about parting ways and trying to keep it amicable - when you feel you’ve come to the end of the road and know deep down it’ll be better to call it quits, but there's always fear of letting go... all you can do is trust your decisions and hope that whatever comes next will be better.”

Talking about the opening track, and most recent single, ‘Moonshine’, Max shares: “‘Moonshine’ is perhaps the most personal song I’ve ever made. It is about loss and grief, and speaks of losing the precious memories of loved ones as time moves on without them. A little while back, I lost my Dad to cancer - he, like far too many, went far too young to this horrific disease, and I’ve been dealing with my own grief through my music ever since. ‘Moonshine’ delves deeper into that grief, and how it has changed with the passing of time.”

Max Rad has gone from strength to strength and we're so excited to watch him grow even more as an artist.



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