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Maya Hirasedo RnB infused new EP ‘Times I Fell’

Maya Hirasedo, a Japanese native raised in Melbourne, Australia, mixes elements from her roots with old school and new period sounds to complement her powerfully resonant voice. Maya's music is laced with evocative, moody instrumentals blended with flowing melodies, expressing a wide range of emotion, with stylistic inspirations from greats like Brandy, Amy Winehouse, and Destiny's Child. This time, in the shape of her new EP 'Times I Fell,' Maya returns with a silky R&B release. Maya's raw vocal fire is captivating, and the new EP includes fresh songs that R&B aficionados are to enjoy. Maya's quick rise has entrenched her as one of the scene's most exciting newcomers, and the EP exhibits her talent into a polished new light.

Talking about the new EP, Maya Hirasedo shares:

“‘The inspiration for the project came from personal experiences and those of my friends. It felt like we all had similar stories of falling quickly for a guy, being so deep in love, and then the guy switching up. I worked on the EP during Melbourne COVID-19 lockdown, doing zoom sessions with great artists/songwriters like Kaleem Taylor, Gen Bello, and Phi11a. The EP features production by HAMLEY, Larce Blake, moedoisnice, and ARTT. I recorded the entire trilogy during trips to New York City pre lockdown, and Toronto post lockdown but the majority was done in Melbourne during the lockdown. I had to sneak out during the lockdown and avoid getting a crazy fine by our government for being more than 2 km away from my house. With Australia's tight COVID restrictions, working on the EP was the main thing that kept me sane. I wasn't really able to work or see friends in person without risking a crazy fine or potentially endangering my family from exposure. Creating this music and capturing the stories of friends was an amazing outlet for me.”

The singles 'Sinking' and 'True Love,' as well as the soaring 'I Know,' which quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of streams after its debut in 2021, have exceeded hopes for Maya's work. Maya's RnB/Soulful skill is on display on her new EP, available now.



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