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MDL CHLD releases empowering new single ‘Funk (About You)’ with Nicole D’Amato

Rising star MDL CHLD has teamed up with Nicole D’Amato for the empowering new single and music video ‘Funk (About You)’. An anthem for inclusivity and celebrating the Deaf and LGBTQI+ community, MDL CHLD delivers catchy melodies and twangy riffs to this euphoric pop track. The accompanying visual brings unapologetic sass and energetic choreography, with the all-queer cast dancing in front of vibrant backdrops.

Certified ASL/English interpreter MDL CHLD has interpreted concerts for the likes of Jay Z, Panic! At The Disco, Shawn Mendes and Jonas Brothers, amongst other stars. For his latest project, MDL CHLD has pulled in a diverse cast to feature in the ‘Funk (About You)’ music video, including Rights Activist Nicole D’Amato and Vogue Portugal featured Lola Herself. MDL CHLD is spreading an unforgettable message and shining his light across the world, and he’s only just getting started.