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Meagan Sky releases irresistible new single "Tension & Release"

Meagan Sky is quickly becoming a rising star within the music industry. With a successful career in graphic design, she took a risk and made a leap into the music industry - and it certainly paid off. Nowadays, Sky's music has gathered her a loyal and growing fanbase, and won her a tonne of accolades too.

Her latest single "Tension & Release" is an irresistible, warm new offering. The track features ethereal instrumentation that create swirling pools of infectious melodies. On top, her vocals come softly-penned but impactful, working hand in glove with her emotional lyricism.

Speaking about the single, she says: “This song represents my struggle with limiting beliefs. I realized that I was the one that was stopping me from reaching my aspirations, and I was also the one who could make my dreams a reality. It's about the tug of war between staying safe in your limiting beliefs and wanting more for yourself. Hence the name Tension & Release. It's about my internal tension and restlessly seeking release.”

Sky's music has seen her find a place on over 250 Spotify playlists and reach over 15 countries across the globe. We can see "Tension & Release" gathering the same sort of reaction.



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