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Mega Happy share their ear-worming EP ‘Please Don’t Be My Dreams’

Leeds-based duo Mega Happy affirm their sound with confidence on their new EP ‘Please Don’t Be My Dreams’. Ranging from reflective, breezy tracks to riff-riddled anthems, the duo aren’t afraid to show us what they’re made of on this six-track gem.

Discussing the new release, Mega Happy reveal: “We’re really proud of what we’ve created here as a piece of art. The songs stretch back from the inception of the band to the forefront of what we’re creating currently, all whilst maintaining a strong sense of cohesiveness. The themes that run throughout the piece neatly tie it together and imbue it with our identity as a band. It’s a manifestation of one of our core philosophies to create something that you would want to listen to yourself. This is something we always wanted to hear and no one else is making, so we’re unbelievably pleased to be able to share it with the world.”

Having played alongside Indie favourites Blondes and Red Rum Club as well as selling out shows across the UK, Mega Happy are a hotly-tipped, exciting addition to the British music scene.

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