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Meredith Louise returns with her captivating new single 'Stay Open'

Photo: Navreet Dhaliwal

Ever since she first emerged with her breakthrough debut single 'No More Hiding' in 2022, Vancouver's Meredith Louise has always been one to pursue a more emotive direction than many of her peers. And with last year's debut EP 'Mind Frame' cementing her as a shining light on the rise, she continues to soar with her captivating new offering 'Stay Open'.

Exploring another heady dose of those woozy soul-inspired vibes she is known for, her newest endeavour is another shining example of why so many have been flocking to her lately. With its sweet and nurturing textures bringing out the best in her vibrant vocal performance throughout, she returns for 2024 with one of her most passionate releases yet.

She may only have a handful of efforts to her name right now, but Meredith Louise is still managing to bring something new and interesting to her sound here. Brimming with this rich and alluring passion from start to finish, she is certainly getting us ready for summer with this one.



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