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Merlot Embargo share empowerment with single ‘Paper Thin’

In 2016, Merlot Embargo released their debut album Don’t Look Back, and have since continued to release music that is lauded by fans and tastemakers. Performing across Southern California and recording in their LA home studio, Scarlet and Geoff, the duo behind Merlot Embargo, are currently looking ahead to their upcoming and highly anticipated second album.

The latest release from the new project is ‘Paper Thin’. The single, which features vocals and ukulele from LA spiritual songwriter Jessica Gerhardt, uses layers of cheery guitar melodies to deliver tough themes of struggling with self-image and being kind to yourself through an optimistic lens. Scarlet and Jessica’s soaring vocals captivate with heartfelt performances, their melodies radiating personal experience and emotion. ‘Paper Thin’ is a beautiful song of empowerment and personal development, all bunched up in an indie-pop package.

Merlot Embargo explains the track, “Paper Thin is about how we talk to our reflections in the mirror. We are often much kinder to others than to ourselves. We wouldn't stand for that treatment coming from anyone else, but somehow when it comes from us, we allow for so many abuses.”



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