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Michael Blackwell releases exciting new single ‘Lesson Learned’

Getting into music through his Dad’s record collection before expanding into his own tastes, Michael Blackwell has always had a deep love for rock music and classic songwriting. The artist has gained widespread support from the industry worldwide, with his musical journey developing solo as well as taking on the role of Louis Tomlinson’s touring guitarist.

Pairing unmistakeable rock with pop tendencies, Michael Blackwell’s latest single takes gritty guitars and joyous vocals and blends them into the anthemic ‘Lesson Learned’. Driving, defiant and distorted, Blackwell takes the dynamic instrumentation and out-shines it with a soaring and powerful vocal performance that showcases he’s a talent we should all have in our sights.

The track was recorded away from the rest of the world at the Old Church studios in Northumberland, immersed in the process Michael and long-term collaborator Adam Forester have produced an upbeat and exciting new release.

On the new release, Michael shares, “’Lesson Learned’ is a song about coming to terms with a relationship or a time in your life that's coming to an end, and trying to take the best from it and moving on. Whether it was good or bad there is always something to be learned from the experiences you have.”

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