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Michael Graff drops Pop & EDM anthem 'Let You Go'

We all need a little joy in our lives right, don't we? And US songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michael Graff brings this in musical spades. Creating a blend of electronic pop with fun-filled synths and beats, 'Let You Go' is an all encompassing, uplifting track that cannot be understated and cast aside. Michael has an interesting upbringing and livelihood, and you can almost hear this in the music and the sounds he creates.

It's Sam Feldt and Kygo meets LAUV and Coldplay, with the constant motivational percussion being a running theme, alongside a high pitched, almost falsetto style vocal from Michael, a rare and joyous gift that is infectious. It certainly seems that the Pop/EDM sphere has a gem on their hands, and we can't wait to see what Michael conjures up next in 2021.

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