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Mikano drops reflective video for poetic rap single 'Tell a Lie'

Mikano's music is something you will struggle to explain with words alone, and the best thing to do is engage directly with his deeply resonating and unique dosage of experimental rap and hip-hop. His new single 'Tell a Lie' is a wondrous poetic song that has remnants of Blood Orange and Kid Cudi, with his own personal imprint of growing up in his own sound world.

He has the ability to switch so easily between rapping and singing, and 'Tell a Lie' showcases his many talents so seamlessly. A smooth autotune comes in and out of Mikano's vocals, and underneath is a highly interesting and ever changing production that goes from deep lying synths to electric guitar hooks. The video is a brilliantly executed and goes through everyday life situations from relationships to partying with your friends. It visually sits so well alongisde the track, and Mikano is quickly developing into an artist you cannot ignore.

Watch the video for 'Tell a Lie' in full here:



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