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Miller Roberts continues to impress with 'Voice In My Head'

Australian songstress Miller Roberts has unveiled her new single ‘Voice In My Head’, inviting listeners into her realm of mesmerising dreampop. Entering as a piano-led ballad, the track soon weaves resonating percussion and celestial harmonies into the mix to create a tranquil indie soundscape that showcases Miller’s gorgeous crooning and intimate lyricism.

Discussing her new track, Miller says: “I feel as though I have found my unique sound in this recording process. I have intentionally kept this track as lofi as possible, with no use of autotune or quantising so that it feels real, raw & authentic while maintaining its sweet, fun, uplifting nature.”

This rising artist draws inspiration from the likes of Carole King and Joni Mitchel, in addition to more contemporary stars such as Lucy Rose, Justin Vernan and Sufjan Stevens. She debuted last year with the charming EP ‘Square One’, now evolving her authentic sound even further with new single ‘Voice In My Head’, which will leave listeners craving more from Miller Roberts.

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