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Miller Roberts unveils gorgeous ballad ‘Let You Go’

Rising singer-songwriter Miller Roberts has unveiled the compelling ballad ‘Let You Go’, blending acoustic folk and alt-pop together to create an emotive dreamscape. Staying true to her organic, mellow signature style which centers around her ethereal vocals and authentic lyricism, this latest release builds her sound further with bold yet intimate production.

Revealing the meaning behind her new song, Miller says: “‘Let You Go’ is a moody, ambient folk song that is a reflection on a love that was lost. It is an exploration of intimacy and the growth that comes through grief and pain. With such exposing lyrics, it felt appropriate that the production around this song be treated with that same raw and honest sincerity. While there are layers upon layers of vocal parts and harmonies, you will find no use of autotune and a very sparse instrumentation, in an effort to stay as true to the message of the song as possible. This song is about heartbreak, but it is also about letting go.”

Miller Roberts is the moniker of Australia-hailing Millie Robertson, who cites her influences as Carole King and Joni Mitchell, as well as Lucy Rose, Justin Vernon and Sufjan Stevens. Following the release of her February single ‘Voice In My Head’ which was well-received by the blog community, Miller expands her catalogue with the heartfelt record ‘Let You Go’, further emphasizing her potential for great things.



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