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Miller Roberts will captivate you on new EP ‘All The Things I Could Never Say’

Gentle, meaningful and overall beautifully delivered, Australian singer-songwriter Miller Roberts proves she has it all in her brand new 5-track project ‘All The Things I Could Never Say’.

Miller’s signature indie folk sound has captured the hearts and minds of listeners all over the globe, and her latest offering boasts an accumulation of self-penned songs written over just one month.

Created in collaboration with producer Jackson Barclay and global distributor Mahogany Songs, the EP was written in response to the chaos of 2020, a global pandemic, lockdowns lasting several months and a break-up. Allowing listeners into her world, and bravely articulating her inner-most thoughts and feelings, an overwhelming sense of authenticity leaps from Roberts’ music.

Miller reveals, “‘All the things I could never say’ is a record that was written in response to the rollercoaster of a year that was 2020. It is an exploration of love and loss; grief and despair; family and heritage; faith and hope. It is a reflection on the importance of vulnerability and authenticity. Written in the space of just one month, these songs may be the most honest songs I’ll ever write. They are songs I have written through heartache. They are songs I have sung through tears. But they are also songs that have helped me grow and heal. They are songs that have seen me through the hardest year of my life and I hope these songs may take on the same meaning for others.”

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