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  • Nova Holmes

Milwaukee soul songbird Bisca Rae delivers an irresistibly autumnal offering

Hailing from a small town in big-city clothing, aka Milwaukee, songstress Bisca Rae is well versed in the creation of sonic dreamscapes evocative of nostalgic soulful productions. As an artist with unmatched tenacity, and brimming with new ideas, Bisca now releases her ninth studio single ‘Other People’ as part of her forthcoming project ‘Sad Girl SZN’.

With a growing catalogue of soul and r’n’b infused productions, Bisca Rae’s limitless and creative mentality is reflected in her discography, as she effortlessly floats between sub-genres. Blending styles to create her own distinctive sound, her productions are packed with divine, feminine energy as she harnesses her unique talent for communicating relatable experiences.

Captivating listeners with her youthful exuberance, yet humble wisdom, Bisca’s latest offering pairs playful guitar riffs with unhurried drum patterns; slowing the pace of our day-to-day lives as the production perfectly complements a layered, gritty but breezy topline.

Bisca Rae is undoubtedly an artist born out of organic growth and collaboration, drawing inspiration from the likes of Syd, Steve Lacy, and H.E.R, and praising them for their raw and honest approach to songwriting. Following her introduction to production, Bisca found herself directing all aspects of her work from cover art to visuals; a method which has allowed much room for creative expression, resulting in offerings truly reflective of her personality.

Armed with her distinct mezzo-soprano vocal, Bisca’s playful and romantic style effortlessly cuts through the noise as she continues to forge her way as a female artist. A strong advocate for women’s rights, with an aim to connect and share common experiences through music; harnessing true encounters and emotions is second nature to this artist, as she creates an experience for fans, bringing like-minded individuals together in a safe space.

Much can be said for Bisca Rae’s rich and varied experiences, from small town Wisconsin church choirs and University gospel choirs, to being largely involved in the underground rap scene of Milwaukee where she worked alongside hip hop producers, exposing herself to a multitude of musical spaces.

Having consistently worked to develop her craft and collate ever-growing knowledge, Bisca’s dynamic musical background grounds her, providing her with a unique perspective and allowing her to integrate sonic elements to create something truly exceptional – this time by the name of ‘Other People’.

“‘Other people’ is a testament to the type of music I'm trying to create as an artist. It's honest and easy and sets the tone perfectly for Sad Girl SZN”

Stream 'Other People' below:

Stream Bisca Rae's full EP 'Sad Girl SZN' here:

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