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Mimi Barks Drops New Single ‘UNDEAD IT’ Ft. ENVIOUS

Upcoming Mixtape 'DEADGIRL' Coming This December!

Fearless Doom Trap artist, Mimi Barks has continued the roll out of her highly anticipated new mixtape ‘DEADGIRL’ (out 16th December via Silent Cult) today with the release of her brand-new track and official music video for ‘UNDEAD IT’. The new track which features Brazilian born Trap artist ENVIOUS on guest vocals is inspired by riots of the mind that possess the body and rapidly start to take control.

Unveiling the vision, Mimi Barks shares:

“At war with myself, always. Self-hatred and anxiety. Numbing the feeling with intoxication, riots and resistance. As the song hypes the mirror breaks and the versions of me are doing their own thing not matching my reflection, like being surrounded by my demons which are mimicking my mannerisms and making it harder to differentiate my true self.”

Continuing the divulge, ENVOIUS mentions:

“The lost side of me takes control the more I resist, and I can’t decide if I continue fighting or let it become me. It might be too late to recognize. At some point it blurred through and was buried, I’m not sure how I can undead it. Where do I go from here if I can’t see where I’m at?”

Watch the music video right here:

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