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  • Alice Smith

Mindless Crowd's "Star Chaser": A Cosmic Journey Through Sound

Mindless Crowd, the Swiss indie rock sensation, has once again graced our ears with their latest musical masterpiece, "Star Chaser". This four-member band, known for their eclectic blend of 70's rock, psychedelia, and modern pop rock, has created a sonic odyssey that invites listeners to transcend the ordinary and explore the boundless possibilities that await them.

"Star Chaser" emerged on a starry night, a moment of pure inspiration when the band members gazed into the cosmos and envisioned a world beyond the mundane. The track is an indie rock anthem with a "feel good" vibe, taking listeners on a cosmic journey through its vibrant soundscapes.

The band shared their thoughts on the creation of "Star Chaser," stating, "Star Chaser has opened a door of wonder. The melody came to us in the middle of a starry night, igniting our desire to transcend the boundaries of our everyday existence. We want this track to be an invitation for the listener to gaze skyward and embark on an adventure filled with unlimited possibilities."



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