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Mitch$$$ drops stunning single 'Sixth Phase'

Mitch$$$ is an emerging and credible hip-hop artist from the streets of Orlando, Florida. He possesses an artistic vision that is undeniable and quite spectacular, to further enhance the overall sound and offering of his music. Also part of the exciting 9-piece collective seeyousoon, Mitch$$$ is consistently releasing hard hitting music that travels way beyond his art, starting with 'Sixth Phase'.

With a sincere focus on the environment and atmosphere that surrounds us, Mitch$$$ somehow channels this energy and brings it to the forefront in this almost classic, nostalgia filled hip-hop track. Joshua, also a member of seeyousoon, also features on the track and the two work harmoniously with each other trading rhymes and lines, resulting in a hugely potent combination.

Speaking on the full meaning behind 'Sixth Phase', Mitch$$$ explains:

"The push and pull of relationships and life can be closely compared to the different phases of the moon, the sixth phase of the moon also know as the “Waning Gibbous” is a phase when the tides are low, This means that the sun and moons gravitational pulls on the tide cancel each other out, At times it can seem hopeless or forgotten, Only for a moment. Looking for answers is a theme on this record, during times of uncertainty reflecting and holding onto the things we love are our anchors.”