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MNERVA fuses Alt-Rock and Hip-Hop on 'Sorry (Forget About Me)'

What do you get when you mix Hip Hop and Alternative Rock? A song that is literally impossible to dislike - and more importantly, forget. 'Sorry (Forget About Me)' is the latest offering from MNERVA and was written with TikTok star Katie Mac. Originally an R&B song, MNERVA's gut told them that it was made to be a Rock song, and we're so glad he listened to his instinct. Super nostalgic and catchy, this one is a real winner.

Talking about the new track, MNERVA reveals: “Sorry (Forget About Me) is a song I've been trying to get right for seven years. It was originally called "I Went Away" and was about me escaping a toxic relationship by running away to Nashville. The song's original chorus was centered around the lyric "I just can't wait til you forget about me" and I always knew I wanted to take that idea and transform it into a new track. But sadly, every time I tried to re-write it over the years, the songs just weren't good enough and I scrapped the idea until the beginning of last year when I finally made amends with my ex-girlfriend after we cut all contact for half a decade. With this new perspective, Sorry (Forget About Me) came together very quickly!”

Having moved from Maryland to Nashville in 2015 and gone viral for writing a a jukebox musical based on the catalogue of Twenty One Pilots, MNERVA has been showcasing a unique sound that has caught the attention of devoted fans in the USA and beyond.



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