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  • Nova Holmes

Modeste returns with emotion-packed offering 'Needing You'

London-hailing singer-songwriter and producer Modeste is well-versed in the art of musical rhetoric. Armed with a new take on neo-soul productions and a signature sophisticated vocal cadence, the unique talent now returns following the release of his truly atmospheric, soul-tinged debut single ‘Atmosphere’. Now coming forth with an offering evocative of bluesy, emotion-packed soul genres, Modeste delivers ‘Needing You’.

Allowing his natural talent to soar, ‘Needing You’ manifests as an all-encompassing, cinematic experience, as enveloping keys and unhurried drum patterns carry Modeste’s vocal across an emotive journey of healing and lovesick vignettes. By fusing the perfect melodic flares with impactful instrumental tones and seamlessly integrating them, Modeste’s latest offering lends itself to a listening experience that envelopes its listener in an orchestral, euphoric moment.

As his signature topline borrows the sinuous rhythms of blues, fans are carried by a deep dive into Modeste’s unfeigned experiences along with an unmatched rawness in his delivery. Modeste’s lyricism naturally veers towards a stream of consciousness, resembling conversations and battles within himself as he gradually creates a jigsaw of challenging musings. Supported by Labrinth or Emeli Sandé-reminiscent production and a superbly rich vocal; all in great anticipation of an impactful and euphonious chorus, the unique talent’s unapologetic and authentic approach adds the finishing touches as he injects deep contemplation and experience into all of his work.

Reflecting on his latest offering, Modeste shared:

“The creation of the track is very much based around three influences of mine: Emile Sande, Amy Winehouse and Michaell Bublé. I’ve always admired the ambience they’ve been able to create with the use of orchestral elements and soulful lyrics. The melody for the keys came just as naturally for me as the chorus lyrics, whereas the verses took longer to formulate being from such a vulnerable place in my mind. The ending, which will be a surprise to most, felt like an opportunity to share some of me and my culture as a Brit from Caribbean descent, with a modern twist on it.”

As this delivery draws to a close, we see Modeste offer a modern twist as the track blooms into a bombastic melodic passage rooted in his British-Caribbean identity. Drawing inspiration from talents who have gone before him, Modeste effortlessly produces a sound that is in line with the stylistic trends of modern soundscapes while whole-heartedly staying true to himself - a testament to the lionhearted approach he applies to all of his creations.

'Needing You' is out on streaming platforms now, check it out below:



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