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Monique La Chapelle releases uplifting new album “The Hopeful Romantic”

Monique La Chapelle’s musical identity and her personal identity are completely linked. Growing up in the tranquil islands of Trinidad and Tobago, her music pays homage to her childhood. Chapelle’s upbringing meant that she was surrounded by Soca music (defined as "Soul of Calypso”), however her musical palette has moved on and branched out since then, with artists such as Adele, Alicia Keys and Heather Headley all becoming huge musical influences.

Her new 7-track album “The Hopeful Romantic” is set to take you on a journey. Tracks such as “Forever With You” and “It Don’t Matter” are irresistible earworms that showcase pop sensibilities whilst nodding to electronic influences. On the other hand tracks such as “Honeybee” showcase Chapelle’s vulnerability. A melting pot of melodies, these tracks are accompanied by divine backing vocals and soft landing lead vocal lines. Throughout the album, the one consistent feature is Monique La Chapelle’s well penned lyrics that touch on deeply personal experiences.

Expanding on this, she says: “My personal experiences with love, the world around me, and my undying love for music. I want them to know they’re not alone in how they are feeling, and to find inspiration and comfort in my music.

Monique is more determined than ever to reach the top. She wants to play the biggest stages, festivals and venues in the world. Monique has dedicated 7 years to her academic development in music and has taught for 6 years. So, with her passion clearly being evident, she opened her music school – La Chapelle School of Music, which offers professional musical development for young children to professionals aiming to pursue an international career. We can’t wait to see where she’ll take her music endeavours.

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