• joe3636

Monta At Odds release scintillating psychedelic album 'Peak of Eternal Light'

Monta At Odds aren't your usual suspects. This group have been creating mind bending music for the best part of 20 years, with two brothers Delaney and Dedric at the helm since the band's inception. They have progressed their sound as it has transcended beyond the norm, with several albums that showcase their transition.

Their latest masterpiece is new album 'Peak of Eternal Light', which provides a perfect balance of shoegazed psychedelia. The album dives straight in with the wonderful opening track 'The Other Side of Yesterday' which typifies Monts At Odds' sonic direction and how far they've come. The song travels far and wide, with the meandering lyrics 'let's go' running around your mind throughout the track, with swooning guitar lines and synths, creating almost a hyper reality.

'When the Starts Grow Old' is another standout track, almost reminiscing back to the 80s with a leading synth line and female vocal that will take you back in time, quite literally. The power that Monta At Odds possess with their music is simply unprecedented territory, and this album is a real statement from the Kansas City band.

'Hands Trace Miles' is another highlight, which expands into the questions and meaning of boundaries and ownership in a new age. It's almost trance like, exemplifying their approach to honing their craft can simply not be scrutinised. It's clear to say, that 'Peak of Eternal Light' will certainly take you on a journey that you won't forget quickly.