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  • Paul Riley

Mood Supachild Returns With Soulful New Single “Hate on You”

Born Anthony Musoni in Bordeaux, France, Mood Supachild is a musician, singer, author and composer of Rwandan origin. A member of the WorldWide Kids collective, he created the Paper Heals Music label with this same team in 2015. He stands out for his unique voice and original sound, which can be described as organic hip-hop soul music. From a young age, he learned the songs of Outkast, Musiq, Lil Wayne, Kendrick, Dwele, Lauryn Hill, Jay Z and unleashed his own flow.

His brand-new single, “Hate on You”, is out now and looks set to see Mood Supachild continue his rise and break new ground. Here he sings about love and separation of broken communication, of dependence and admiration. We are often looking for an effective phrase to leave our partner, and Mood Supachild has made a chorus of it: “You make me feel like, it’s not better if I hate on you, can I be done done, can I be done done over that s***?” Between trap, rap, and R&B, Mood Supachild reveals the extent of his talent with this moving single.

During the accompanying music video, we see a simple and polished production where he stages his team – all produced by Nanfray Lefrais, Valentin Campagnie and Arnaud Monseigne. It is authentic, without embellishment, and a great introduction to the very stylish universe of the young Franco-Rwandan singer.

“Hate on You” is out now on all platforms.

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