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Moose with a Scarf Returns with Collaborative Single "Back to You" 5/19

EDM artist Moose with a Scarf is back with his latest single, the infectious “Back to You,” set for release on May 19th. The track is an energetic, genre-bending take on the traditional electro pop offering with powerful electric guitar solos, radio-ready vocals from Lauren Richards. Mixed with all of the trappings of synths and classic dubstep sound design, “Back to You” features the same chorus structure of beloved pop punk singles “Misery Business” or “Welcome to the Black Parade,” an ode to the artist’s inspiration from the likes of Paramore, Madeon, Porter Robinson, and Illenium. “I ain’t goin’ in a circle now,/ Now I’m finally breakin’ out,” Richards sings.

Moose with a Scarf is the solo project of composer Anthony Sabatino. He produces electronic music that he describes as, “overly energetic, vaguely sarcastic, and nearly inaccessible.” With a formal education in film scoring from Berklee College of Music, and a highly impressive resume of past movie and game compositions, Moose with a Scarf allows Sabatino to explore the boundless world of feel-good electro pop magic.

“Back to You” encapsulates the best of Moose with a Scarf: collaborative capabilities, a wide array of genre, and an optimistic message. The track was composed entirely by Sabatino, with a rough sketch of the song in Cubase that evolved into the final product once Lauren recorded vocals (some of his own backing vocals can be heard, a nice “melancholy” touch).

Sabatino shares, “When I started putting together the synth solo drop and all of the awesome sound design elements, I was so excited I started rocking out in my studio like a complete dork.” “Back to You” provides the same opportunity for all listeners, a fun transportation to yesteryear’s emo pop heyday wrapped up in a modern, electronic package.



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