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  • Ellie McGuire

Moris Blak Presents New Single 'Feral'

MORIS BLAK, a cloaked and masked enigmatic presence, is the audio and visual project led by Boston-based producer, Brian “Blaknoise.”

Being a pioneer of the North American industrial bass genre, MORIS BLAK returns with a brand-new single ‘FERAL’, with multi-disciplinary artist and performer, Nyxx.

The track is a dark techno fierce and energetic offering showcasing both artists’ versatility in vocals and lyrics, with sonic-encompassing elements on the digital and electronic production with a dynamic genre-blending selection of dance, dark club, and house.

‘FERAL’ is the outcome of MORIS BLAK and Static Starlight’s creation. The track was worked on for many years, both digitally and remotely, until they felt that a vocalist would bring the song to life. MORIS BLAK connected with Nyxx to jump on the song. They clicked right away and Nyxx wrote raw and unhinged lyrics for the song, drawing on her past difficulties in the industry. The finished product is what we hear today from their time creating ‘FERAL’.

Speaking on the track, MORIS BLAK & Nyxx share, “FERAL is about being pushed to your breaking point, twisting the knife and flipping the switch with sharp shrapnel-like percussion. It’s vengeful rave music and an anthem for everyone’s villain era.”

MORIS BLAK continues to set himself as a stand-out act as his motivation stems from both his innate creative ability and his sophisticated production techniques



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