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Mortal Prophets revives the classic freedom anthem 'Down On Me'

Ever since he first emerged, New York's Mortal Prophets has always been one to pursue reinvention and innovation with his sound. Dabbling in a broad and diverse array of aesthetics since his conception, he now looks to revive the classic freedom anthem 'Down On Me' into a blistering electronic stomper.

Originally written back in the 1920s before finding fame with Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company, this new revised rendition of 'Down On Me' adds yet another versatile layer to the artist's adventurous ideals to date. Lifted from his newly unveiled studio album 'Dealey Plaza Blues', which is available to stream now, he is showcasing some of his most ambitious work so far on this pulsing new release.

Although these last few months have certainly been a great time of exploration for Mortal Prophets, this new version of 'Down On Me' shows exactly how far his experimental nature is planning to go. Brimming with a progressive sense of passion and desire throughout, he feels like a name would should begin to get very familiar with in the months ahead as well.

Enjoy 'Down On Me' below.



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